Crown Nation Car Rental Agreement

The Terms and condition set forth in this AGREEEMENT are between Crown Nation LLC
doing business as Crown Rental known herein as the OWNER and the customer(s) known as the
RENTER(s) and/or THE PERMISSIBLE DRIVER(s). This AGREEMENT constitutes the entire
terms and conditions may be updated with or without notice, and the renter(s) may request an
updated copy of the contract should there be an update. The original agreement and any other
supplemental agreement presented at the time of reservation, remains the only binding agreement
between Crown Rental and the renter(s) for the original reservation period. However, an
extension of days granted to the renter(s) constitutes an agreement to any updates made to these
terms and conditions. “I” represents all persons or person designated as the “renter(s)”.

1) A) Renter(s) agree(s) and fully understand that it is NOT Crown Rental’s policy and
or responsibility to read and interpret the terms and conditions set forth in this rental
agreement, and that it is the renter(s) responsibility to read, understand, consent, or
disagree with the terms and condition herein. If after a vehicle has been reserved and the
renter(s) later discovered that he/she/they is/are not in agreement with the rental
agreement or simply have a change of mind, the renter(s) has/have the right to cancel the
reservation and asked for a full refund of the reservation cost within twenty-four (24)
hours prior to the reservation date. If renter has a change of mind on the day of pickup,
the renter may cancel the reservation, with the full knowledge that the reservation fee
paid IS NON-REFUNDABLE. If renter(s) rent(s) the vehicle and several hours later,
discovered that he/she/they/it no longer wants to continue with the rental, the RENTER
WILL BE REFUND TO THE RENTER(S). If renter(s) rent(s) the vehicle and multiple
days later decides that the terms and conditions are not agreeable, renter(s) will still owe
for the entire duration the vehicle has been used plus the full twenty-four (24) hour day of
return. For example, if the renter(s) disagree(s) with the terms and condition three (3)
days and 5 hours from the date and time of pickup, the renter(s) will owe for four (4) full
days from the date and time of pickup. Renter(s) agree(s) to this and also hold(s) Crown
Rental free of any liabilities/claims/losses as a result of renter(s) misunderstandings of
these terms and conditions.
For items designated as either “/hour”, “/day”, “/week” or “/month” on the
Crown NaƟon LLC/Crown rentals: Email: management@cnaƟ
Summary: (1) “/hour” is 60 consecutive minutes or any portion thereof beginning at
the start time of the rental. (2) If “day = 24-hour period”, “/day” is each consecutive
24 hours beginning at the start time of the rental. (3) If “day = calendar day”,
“/day” is each consecutive full or partial day of the week. (4) “/week” is 7
consecutive 24-hour days beginning at the start time of the rental. (5) “/month” is 30
consecutive 24-hour days beginning at the start time of the rental. (6) Unless
expressly modified on the Summary, all charges are for a minimum of 1 day.
B) I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that Crown Rental is a for profit business and that
I am renting this vehicle exclusively on a PAY TO USE BASIS ONLY, and that if I
choose to extend “long-term” (three weeks or more), and if for any reason(s) whatsoever,
I am not able to make payments on time and in the FULL amount as agreed, Crown
I AGREE to return the vehicle with the gas at the same level I received it in. If I am
unable to do so, Crown Rental will debit the cost for gas at the going rate, equivalent to
the level it was received in. This will be debited from my security deposit, unless I opt to
pay directly or using a separate payment method on the same day the vehicle is returned.
I also agree to return the vehicle in the same condition in terms of cleanliness. If I am
unable to do so, Crown Rental may debit my card on file a cleaning fee ranging from $30
to $55 depending on the extent of the uncleanness.

2) Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
The RENTER(S) agree/s to fully accept ALL responsibility for anything adverse that
happens to the vehicle whilst it is in his/her possession. The RENTER(S) AGREE(S)
verified information of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. It is the responsibility of the
RENTER(S) to take their own pictures and/or videos of the said vehicle for his/her own
record. In case of an incident or accident, these pictures or videos will be used to verify
the condition of the vehicle at the time it was handed over to the RENTER(S). CROWN
NATION LLC may also verify the condition of the said vehicle’s interior and exterior by
taking date-stamped pictures and/or videos of said vehicle for reference. Picking up the
vehicle and driving away constitutes as an agreement to this ENTIRE Rental Agreement
with or without a signature.

3) Insurance
THE RENTER(S) MUST either have transferable full coverage auto insurance or a
COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER applicable to a rental car agreement in order to
be eligible to rent a car from Crown Rental. “Full coverage” typically means collision
and comprehensive coverage. Certain insurance providers may have different labels such
as “other than collision” to signify comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage
may include but are not limited to coverage for damages while the vehicle is parked,
windshield damage, and weather-related hazards.
Collision Damage Waivers can be obtained in the form of third-party travel insurance.
If the renter(s) is/are at fault in an accident, he/she indemnifies Crown Nation LLC and/or
its owners, affiliates, or partners of all costs, harm and obligation. Renter(s)’ insurance
may be verified by Crown Rental prior to pickup. False or misleading information of
renter(s)’ insurance does not waive renter(s)’ liability; it is the renter(s)’ responsibility to
verify his/her/their/its own coverages and limits in general. Initiating a rental agreement
with one’s own insurance and then allowing said insurance to cancel without notification
to Crown Rental, does not transfer liability to Crown Rental, its owners, affiliates,
partners nor its insurance provider(s); therefore, renter(s) agree to be financially
responsible for any adverse circumstances that arises out of operating the rented vehicle
with no insurance/coverage.

4) Authorized/Unauthorized Drivers
a) Crown Rental stipulates, and the RENTER(S) AGREE(S) THAT only the
person(s) who are listed as authorized driver(s) at the time rental agreement was initiated,
and who is twenty-one years of age and above has/have permission to operate this
vehicle. Each listed driver is BOUND BY THE SAME TERMS AND CONDITION SET
FORTH HEREIN, BAR NONE. During the rental period, the RENTER(S) agree(s) that
NO UNAUTHORIZED DRIVER(S) WILL drive this vehicle for any reason whatsoever.
Renter(s) agree(s) that should there be an accident or adverse incident in which an
unauthorized driver was driving the vehicle, the renter(s) waive his/ her/their/its coverage
if said coverage is provided by Crown Rental. If renter(s) have their own coverage, such
insurance provider may have its own policy(ies) relating to such an event, and it is the
renter(s) responsibility to obtain that information. Nevertheless, an unauthorized driver
related accident/incident deems the renter(s) liable for DAMAGE AND LOSS of the
rented vehicle, any other vehicles and/or property(ies) involved, all occupants at the time
of accident/incident and any other loss to any third party(ies). Renter(s) express(es) full
comprehension of the unauthorized driver(s) policy as it is defined in this paragraph.
HOME, PLACE OF BUSINESS OR PUBLIC PLACE, the renter will be held liable until
proper investigation is concluded including but not limited to obtaining a police report,
obtaining any witness statements, and/or conducting general research on the incident. It is
the renter’s duty to report the accident to the proper authorities at the time of accident or
as soon as he/she/they/it is/are made aware of the damage. Concealing and/or delaying
the reporting an accident/incident beyond twenty-four (24) hours maybe interpreted by
Crown Rental and its coverage providers as deception. The renter(s) MUST report said
accident/incident within twenty-four (24) hours, or as soon as practicable. Bear in mind
that if renter is covered under a Collision Damage Waiver or the likes thereof, these
types of coverages have limitations, and may not suffice for all claims or types of
claims. Therefore, you MAY NOT be fully relinquished from all financial
responsibilities of the rental vehicle and any claims from any third parties. If the renter
and/or authorized driver has/have breached the contract and/or is at fault or negligent
according to the laws of the state in which the accident occurred, the collision damage
waiver is void only if said waiver was purchased from Crown Rental. If renter(s) source
his/her/their/its own coverages such as third-party travel insurance policies, such
coverages may still apply but may have limitations; the renter(s) accept(s) full financial
responsibility where the coverage falls short. In the case of a total loss, renter(s) may
be held responsible to pay up to the full value of the vehicle or the outstanding
balance of vehicle if financed, whichever is greater. Loss of use and diminution of
value is also included in any claims made to repair the rental vehicle.

THIS IS A SMOKE-FREE VEHICLE– no excuses, no exceptions. If you (the renter(s)
know(s) that you are a “smoker” and will, could or may smoke in this vehicle at any time
through the rental period, we caution you to cancel this reservation before picking up the
vehicle. I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that I/we am/are renting a SMOKE-FREE
vehicle from Crown Rental, and that I/we am/are FULLY AWARE that Crown Rental
VEHICLE, I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that it is my responsibility to protect Crown
Crown NaƟon LLC/Crown rentals: Email: management@cnaƟ
Rental’s property from the SMELL of SMOKE SUBSTANCES SUCH AS:
NONSMOKING POLICY, and I knowingly give permission to CROWN RENTAL TO
DEBIT MY CARD ON FILE FOR THE AMOUNT of four hundred dollars ($400.00), or
withhold my security deposit as partial payment, pending the balance. If my security
deposit is withheld, I agree to pay the balance or have the balance debited from my
payment method(s) presented to Crown Rental. I ACCEPT and AGREE that Crown
Rental prohibits me from deodorizing the vehicle with any type of vehicle sprays, wipes,
colognes, incenses, vaporizers, and the likes thereof. If any vehicle deodorizers are
MASK SMOKING SCENTS IN THIS VEHICLE, and without any further proof of
smoking paraphernalia or smoke ash found in this vehicle, I GIVE CONSENT
AND/OR TO ACCEPT AS part-payment my entire security deposit pending the balance
totaling the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00).

6) Maintenance
Under no circumstances is/are the RENTER(S) allowed to modify the OWNER’S
vehicle, its accessories, components, nor parts in any way. RENTER(S) is/are not
allowed to perform any type of mechanical work on OWNER’S vehicle, nor hire a
mechanic or person or entity acting as a mechanic to perform any type of maintenance or
repair work on OWNER’S vehicle UNLESS granted permission in writing. In case such
permission were to be granted, it will and must be documented and signed with a wet
signature. The mode of delivery will be sent to renter(s) via email from No part, component nor accessory on or in OWNER’s
vehicle is allowed to be removed except in the case of imminent life threatening
circumstances such as a verifiable accident or natural disaster. For example, a renter
having to remove a part/component to break free from a burning vehicle, or a vehicle
pinned down by a large object. Additionally, if any type of disallowed modification or
maintenance is performed on OWNER’S vehicle such as swapping/modifying/changing
of parts, systems, components that results in the voiding of OWNER’S manufacture
warranty(ies), the RENTER(S) will owe for the full amount of the affected component(s),
part(s), system(s), and accessory(ies) along with the associated labor cost AND the
accumulated time and income lost while vehicle is being repaired. Insurance coverages
may NOT cover for such violations. Theft or swapping of parts will immediately be
escalated to legal proceedings AND the RENTER(S) will still owe for the time and
income lost and any other costs incurred by the breaking of this contract.

7) Evasion
a) Failure to respond or a willful attempt to evade all communications should the
renter become liable for any outstanding claims/monies owed does not make said claim
to “disappear.” The Renter(s) give full consent for Crown Nation LLC and its
representatives, and Crown Rental’s insurance provider(s) to continuously contact the
renters until all debts are satisfied, and to obtain information of the renter(s)’ address(es),
contact information(s), and identification information(s).
If there is an escalation to legal proceedings, there may be garnishment of wages, and/or
seizing and/or liquidation of any assets, or placing a lien on any assets owned by the
renter(s). In the event of such an escalation, renter(s) agree(s) to communicate truthfully
the details of any assets they possess that may satisfy an outstanding balance to Crown
Rental and any information obtained by Crown Rental may be used for those purposes.
Crown Rental is NOT a collection agency, therefore the laws governing collection
agencies do not apply to Crown Rental regarding the pursuit of financial reimbursement
should the renter(s) become indebted. Crown Rental’s products and services are not
loans, and monies owed to Crown Rental are not loans. However, Renter(s) agree(s) to
the reporting of delinquent information to the credit bureaus. Crown Rental may allow
partial payments or payments over an agreed time period if any balance is outstanding.
b) If any debt is sold or transferred to a third-party collection agency, their collection
efforts and the means used to do so are a reflection of their own policies, and are not a
reflection of Crown Nation LLC’s business practices.

a) Crown rental does not specifically offer snow/winter tires or chains, and neither
does it gives permission to its renter(s) to swap, attach such snow/winter tires, chains and
or any other winter apparatus to the rental vehicle unless such permission is given in
writing. It is the sole duty and responsibility of the Renter(s) to check the weather and
climate conditions, especially of heavily wintered states, before proceeding there. (i.e.,
NY, Vermont, Maine, and most Northern states). If a renter is caught in a winter storm or
where the streets are heavily snowed and the road on which the renter is/will travel on is
declared unsafe, RENTER(S) AGREE to park the vehicle as soon as practicable, and/or
wait until the streets are declared safe to drive. Failure to abide by this term and condition
herein stipulates that (l) the renter(s) voluntarily operate(s) the rental vehicle with a
known elevated risk and against the law, thus forfeiting coverage if said coverage is
provided by Crown Rental. (2) The Renter(s) Accept(s) all losses and waive
his/her/their/its right to any form of legal action against Crown Rental.
b) If a renter is caught in adverse weather, and should the rental vehicle become
flooded, the renter is obligated to inform Crown Rental as soon as possible, so that
precautionary measures may be taken before renter re-enters the vehicle – even if the
water recedes and the vehicle becomes dry, or seems operable. If for any reason renter
conceals this vital information, and it is later discovered that a flooding took place during
the rental period, the renter may be liable for damages.
c) Crown Rental does not advise nor permit any of its renters to chase any storms,
nor to willfully put themselves in harms way. Using the rental vehicle for such activities
is strictly prohibited. If a renter is caught in inclement weather and is in danger, Crown
Rental does not warrant to know the best course of action above the advise of local
authorities, and we recommend contacting 911 or any other appropriate emergency
hotline instead of contacting Crown Rental. Should the vehicle become damaged by said
inclement weather, the renter(s) must notify Crown Rental as soon as practicable after.

9) Grand Theft and Telematics
All of CROWN NATION LLC’s vehicles are tracked. The attempt to remove or modify
any of the trackers will immediately notify us and will be deemed as theft or an attempt
of theft. If trackers are removed or modified by accident, it is the RENTER(S)
responsibility to notify CROWN NATION LLC by contacting customer support at 704-
917-7813, or for after-hours, contact customer service at 704-675-3069 or 704-964-5346.
If theft is detected with no response, the matter will immediately be escalated to involve
law enforcement. The trackers may also notify CROWN NATION LLC if certain
critical parts of OWNER’S vehicle have been removed. Disabling or unnatural
rapid discharge of the battery may also trigger an alert. Most, if not all theft
methods have been carefully examined and planned against, and Crown Rental is
prepared to pursue violators to the full extent of the law.

10) Pickup and Drop-off Locations.
The RENTER(s) agree(s) to return the vehicle to the same location in which it was
picked up for rental, on or before due back date and time. An exception may be granted
by Crown Rental at the request of the customer, and such exception must be
documented in writing. There will be additional fees due if the vehicle is not
returned as specified. Crown Rental does not give permission nor encourage ANY
overnight parking of renter(s) personal vehicle(s) on our premises nor any pickup
location in relation to this rental car agreement. The renter(s), his/her/their/its
party(ies), and/or anyone involved agrees to be fully responsible for his/her/their/it’s
choice to leave their vehicle and/or any personal effects at the location of pickup.
Crown Rental does not provide any insurance, security, nor surveillance whether
digital or in person to protect the renter(s) vehicle(s) and/or personal effects.

11) Payment Authorization
a) Where it is permitted by law, the RENTER(S) hereby authorizes Crown Nation
LLC doing business as Crown Rental to process their credit/debit card, or any other
accepted forms of payment as provided during/after the rental period for all rental car
related charges, including any additional charges if the vehicle is not returned to the
owner at the agreed time or is returned improperly. If the RENTER(S) wishes to
extend the vehicle, the RENTER(S) MUST do so by verbal communication at 704-917-
7813, 704-675-3069 or 704-964-5346 at or before four (4) hours before the reservation
ends. ALL fines, towing, tolls, court costs, penalties, administrative fees, repairs, parking
and moving violation costs incurred by the RENTER(S) is/are the RENTER(S)
responsibility and may be debited from the RENTER(S)’ payment method UNLESS the
RENTER indicates another form of payment.
b) If a credit card and/or debit card is presented as a means of payment, or security
deposit, renter(s) authorize(s) Crown Nation LLC to submit for payment on such card(s)
all amounts owed under the rental agreement, including if any, an unpaid insurance claim
if renter(s)’ insurance provider refuses to make payment. If owner initiates any charge
that is dishonored, renter(s) authorize(s) owner to re-initiate said charge without further
authorization from renter(s). The authorization or deposit amount on the Summary will
be taken by Owner as an authorization or sale. Such funds will not be available for use by
Renter(s) until after the rented vehicle is returned. One or more incremental
authorizations and/or deposits may be taken during the rental period if renter(s) incur(s)
additional charges. Renter(s) acknowledges final amounts charged to Renter(s)’ card(s)
may exceed amounts shown on the original summary if renter(s) later incur(s) a charge
that was not included in original quote. Renter(s) AGREE(S) that it is not Crown Rental’s
duty to call, email, and/or text reminders for payment, and such reminders are only
voluntary. If the renter(s) agree(s) to a daily, weekly or monthly payment for use of
vehicle, on the date and time that the charge becomes due, the renter gives Crown Rental
unhindered access and permission to charge the card on file at the exact time and date the
charges become due. There will be no implied payment agreements between Crown
Rental and its renter(s); A courtesy, if granted, is not a form of contract and does not
terminate the renter’s obligation to pay for the use of the rented vehicle on time as
scheduled. Crown Rental is a for profit business and at no time does it enter into an
implied agreement/contract with its renters for payment or use of its vehicle.

12) Refund Policy
a) If a customer cancels a reservation 24 hours or more prior to the start of the
reservation, all monies paid may be refunded. If a renter was double charged for his/her
reservation, a refund will be granted as soon as Crown Rental is notified and has
conducted an investigation. Please note that transactions for extensions of days may
appear as duplicate transactions since each day’s price often remains the same and may
incur identical transactions per each day extended. For example: A customer
continuously extends their reservation for a period of 10 additional days – There will be
10 identical transactions if the price of the vehicle remains the same. A duplicate charge
would be suspected if there were more than 10 identical transactions. The reflection of
any refunded monies, whether it is a security deposit, an overcharge, or a duplicate
charge depends on the processing time/speed of the bank or processor(s) of the payment
method on file. Security deposits will be refunded after an inspection of the rental
vehicle is complete. Crown Rental may also collect data on any toll charges accrued
during the rental period to ensure no other charges are outstanding prior to releasing said
security deposit. If there is a payment by an insurance provider on behalf of the renter(s)
that fully satisfies all amounts owed to Crown Rental, any monies that were paid by the
renter(s) pending the claim process shall be refunded to the renter(s) using the payment
methods previously used by said renter(s).
b) For businesses or renter(s) with business debit/credit cards – If a different
form of payment is provided after a reservation has already been paid for, a re-transaction
may be allowed if a customer chooses to get the benefit of using a certain card, and to
have the originally used card to be refunded after the re-transaction with the desired card
is satisfied.

Please be aware that should you transport your animals such as dogs or cats in this
vehicle, it will incur a fee of $20.00 per day for up to five days. This is not the same as
the cleaning fee. We take the worry out of separating you and your pet during your travel;
therefore, we have added a small fee for cleaning and removing hairs, etc., from the car’s
interior so that the next customer will have an uninterrupted and pleasant ride as you had.

14) Mandatory Service & Right To Discontinue Rental
a) When a vehicle is rented ‘long term” (three weeks or beyond) a RENTER shall
make the Vehicle available upon request, subject to reasonable advance notice, so that
CROWN RENTAL or another third party designated by such may inspect vehicle and
ensure regular maintenance services, such as oil checks, tire rotations, and other
manufacturer-recommended maintenance are scheduled and performed. If a vehicle is
available, Crown Rental may provide a replacement vehicle available to the renter to use
while such inspection and maintenance occurs.
b) While Crown Rental does allow a customer to rent a vehicle for as long as the
customer desires, if Crown Rental by its own resources discovers that the renter has
become high risk, or if the Crown Rental notices any abuse or misuse of the rental
vehicle, or if the renter(s) become delinquent on extension payments, Crown Rental has
the right to repossess the vehicle with or without ample notice, and an explanation may
be given after said repossession. If after repossessing the vehicle Crown Rental discovers
the vehicle to have been abused, smoked in, damaged, or tampered with, Crown Rental
may immediately charge the customer’s payment method on file and/or file an insurance
claim against the renter’s insurance policy where applicable. If Crown Rental wishes, it
may notify the renter(s) as soon as practicable of its decision to discontinue the rental,
and no replacement vehicle is promised, neither will there be any compensation for any
inconvenience to the renter(s) and the renter(s) agree. Crown Rental reserves exclusively,
the right to protect its possession and its business from loss of revenue, suspicious
attempts of any types of crimes and or for any other reasons such as ongoing breach of
contract, missed or unsatisfactory payments, lapse in personal auto insurance, or other
matters deemed high risk by Crown Rental
c) Recalls and Other Maintenance Obligations
Renter(s) shall notify Crown Rental immediately of any vehicle accidents, losses,
breakdown, or maintenance needs, and other similar events. CROWN RENTAL may
request that the RENTER(S) make available the rented vehicle. Crown Rental is under no
obligation to provide a replacement vehicle to the renter(s) in exchange under any
circumstance. Upon notification that the vehicle is subject to a recall, and if the recall
does not impede the RENTER(S) from safely driving the rented vehicle, the renter agrees
to return the vehicle promptly for their own safety or request that Crown Rental have the
vehicle collected. If the vehicle is not safely drivable, the RENTER agrees to
immediately notify CROWN RENTAL, before further action is taken. IN THE CASE OF
obligation to provide a replacement vehicle especially if Crown Rental does not own or
have access to other vehicles in that state or town. If a recall notification is sent to the
renter(s) and if the vehicle is safely drivable, then the renter(s) is/are obligated per this
contract to return the vehicle promptly to the location of origin or a safe location
permitted by Crown Rental. If the rented vehicle is not safely drivable, the renter(s) must
make the vehicle available for recovery. Crown Rental agrees to communicate to the
renter(s) the facts of the recall notification and the renter(s) agree(s) to comply with the
notification and act accordingly. Crown Rental will utilize all information provided by
the renter(s) to communicate that there is a recall on the specific vehicle, and it is the
renter(s)’ responsibility to respond to such notification in a timely manner. Crown Rental
will do its best to notify the renter(s) and or his/her/their/its emergency contact (if
provided at the time of rental), If Crown Rental is unsuccessful in reaching the renter(s)
and or their emergency contact, Crown rental will attempt to disable the vehicle if said
vehicle is completely stopped in a way that does not jeopardize lives, impede or cause to
impede and or incur traffic violations. If the renter(s) means of communication was
hindered due to work, school, illness, internet service coverage, lack of internet, lack of
funds, malfunction of communication tools or any other issues not specified, the renter
agrees to release Crown Rental of all liabilities, harm, or damage to his/her/their
person(s) or personal effects as a direct result of the recall. Upon notifying the renter(s) of
such recall, and should the renter forfeit the warning and still operate the vehicle, should
there be an accident/incident that occurs as a direct result of the recall whilst the renter(s)
is/are in commute in the said vehicle, the renter(s) agree(s) to absolve Crown Rental of all
and every burden and or harm associated or presumed to be associated with such recall
that may have caused harm, hurt, loss of lives to the renter(s), their family and or their
property directly or indirectly and seek arbitration as set forth in paragraph 14. By
signing this contract and/or driving the rental car, you agree that you are of sound
mind and understand the terms and conditions set forth herein without ambiguity.

If any part of this contract is unenforceable, it does not negate the terms and conditions in
the remainder of the contract, and that the RENTER is obligated to honor this contract
whereas deemed enforceable by law or by RENTER’S cognizance
16) Mandatory Arbitration Agreement
Renter(s) agree(s) to waive their right to a jury trial or to participate in a class action
pursuant to the following terms. Renter(s) agree(s) to arbitrate any and all claims,
controversies, or disputes of any kind (“claims”) against Crown Nation LLC or [dba] as
Crown Rental arising out of or relating in any way to this agreement, including, but not
limited to, claims relating to Crown Rental’s, its owners’, and/or partners’ (jointly doing
business as Crown Rental) products and services, charges, advertisings, or vehicles. For
the purposes of this dispute resolution provision, “renter(s)” also includes any authorized
driver(s) and/or occupant(s) of the rented vehicle under the agreement, and any of
renter(s)’ agents, beneficiaries or assigns, or anyone acting on behalf of the foregoing.
This Section is to be broadly interpreted and applies to all claims based in contract, tort,
statute, or any other legal theory, and all claims that arose prior to or after termination of
this agreement. However, the parties agree that either Party may bring an individual
action in a small claims court with valid jurisdiction, provided that the action remains in
that court (other than any appeal of the small claims court ruling), is made on behalf of or
against Crown Rental only and is not made part of a class action, private attorney general
action or other representative or collective action.

17) Law and Use
a) Use of the vehicle in a manner prohibited in these terms and conditions will, to
the extent permitted by applicable law, void the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) if said
waiver is provided by Crown Rental, and cause you to be responsible for loss of or
damage to the car resulting from that prohibited use. Please note the following
circumstances in which a renter becomes liable (i) damage or loss results from (a)
intentional, willful, wanton or reckless misconduct of you or an authorized operator; (b)
operation of the vehicle by you or an authorized operator while under the influence of
drugs or alcohol in violation of the laws of the state in which the COLLISION OR
DAMAGE OCCURS (In North Carolina the applicable law is § 20-138.1. of the North
Carolina General Statues); (c) you or an authorized operator using the car to tow or push
anything; or (d) operation of the car on an unpaved road by you or an authorized operator
if the damage or loss is a direct result of the road or driving conditions (ii) damage or loss
occurs while the car is (a) used for commercial hire; (b) used in connection with conduct
that could be properly charged as a felony; (c) involved in a speed test, hunting activity,
off-roading, medical transportation (to transport the sick or elderly to doctor’s
appointments commercially), other types of contest or in driver training activities; (d)
operated by a person other than you or an authorized operator; or (e) operated outside of
the united states unless you have first obtained specific written permission to do so from
Crown Rental, which permission may be withheld at Crown Rental’s sole discretion. (iii)
If you or any authorized operator has/have (a) provided fraudulent information to Crown
Rental or (b) omitted information applicable to the laws of operating a motor vehicle in
the United States and Crown Rental would not have rented the vehicle if that information
was known.
b) For sex offenders, felons, and persons with warrants of arrests, or persons being
pursued by law enforcement, Crown Rental does not willfully aid or accompany any
activity such as escaping, evading or the use of a rental vehicle to carry out any crime by
said persons, and the renter(s) agree(s).
c) Renter(s) agree(s) that the rented vehicle is a passenger vehicle and is used
exclusively for the purpose of personal transportation ONLY, and that RENTER agrees
to abide by this stipulation. Renter agrees to not use the rented vehicle for homicide,
manslaughter, petty crime, road rage, or any and all automobile related crimes and/or
misdemeanors. Renter agrees to not use the rented vehicle for drag racing, speed contests,
or any type of demolition/collision-based recreational activity. Renter agrees to not use
the said vehicle for DMV driving tests, nor any kind of tests or experiments. Renter
agrees not to use the rented vehicle to transport or to haul explosives, illegal drugs,
hazardous materials, illegal weapons, kidnapped person(s), or for human trafficking, or as
a getaway vehicle or the likes thereof in any way form or fashion, and that if any such
occurrence be found to have taken place in the said vehicle, it shall be met with the full
extent of the law. CROWN NATION is not in any way associated with or give consent to
any such parties who exhibit any such behavior, and that CROWN NATION stands free
and clear of all allegations that may arise from the foregoing. Whenever deemed
necessary, Crown Nation LLC will give full cooperation to law enforcement in any
investigative matter brought against RENTER(S) in such violation(s).
d) Renter(s) agree(s) to abide by all the terms and conditions herein. Crown Rental
stipulates categorically that the vehicle is to be used solely for the purpose of personal
use. Nowhere in this contract, expressly or implied, does it grant the RENTER(S) any
permission directly or indirectly to use the said vehicle for ridesharing and/or taxiing.
Should the RENTER(s) violate against this agreement, he/she/they forfeit(s) any
coverage applied under the COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER if said waiver is provided
by Crown Rental, and the renter(s) assume(s) all liabilities, claims, and losses, that may
arise as a direct result of transporting passengers/properties for hire.
e) Crown Rental stipulates, and the renter(s) agree(s) that the vehicle rented under
this contract is not designated as a bed, loaner car, shelter, shield, life giving/taking
machine, storage container, mobile home, anchor/brace, nor a shipping/utility vehicle.
Any unpleasant circumstances arising out of renter(s) using the vehicle as such will
amount solely to the loss and expense of the renter(s), including but not limited to, loss of
life, income, business, and property of any kind and any owner. Additionally, any activity
initiated by the renter(s) that end(s) adversely or in an undesirable manner, shall be to the
renter(s) loss and/or expense: Crown Rental does not manufacture, design, study, nor
develop vehicles, and any manufacture defect, disadvantage, discomfort, or
inconveniences, however objective and/or subjective, is not a reflection of Crown
Rental’s business, and shall be to the renter(s)’ own loss and/or expense or the loss and/or
expense of the manufacturer of said vehicle, third party service providers, dealerships,
and/or installers, and the renter(s) agree that Crown Rental, its owners, partners,
contractors, and insurance provider(s) stands free and clear of any claim or legal action
that arises pertaining to functionality, comfort, convenience, and utility of the rented
vehicle unless the vehicle was modified by Crown Rental and/or its parties. If a rented
vehicle was modified by Crown Rental and/or its parties, and the renter proceeds to
renting the vehicle as-is, the acceptance of such vehicle constitutes as a hold-harmless
agreement pertaining to said vehicle where applicable. Please note: Each vehicle is
hardwired with tracking devices by a third party hired by Crown Rental. The
workmanship of such hardwiring is not a reflection of Crown Rental’s business as it
is not a work directly performed by Crown Rental nor the manufacturer of said
vehicle. For verifiable electrical issues caused by such an installation, the renter(s)
agree(s) to hold harmless Crown Rental, and take legal action, if any and if applicable,
against the appropriate party(ies). On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD Port) tracking devices
used by Crown Rental are provided by a third party, which aids in the provision of free
roadside assistance by Crown Rental and is a means of convenience to both the renter(s)
and Crown Rental. The malfunction or adverse performance of said device is not a
reflection of Crown Rental’s business, and renter agrees to hold Crown Rental harmless
and free of any liabilities arising out of any third-party tracking device related issues.
Tracking is not an obligation in the event of any road-side assistance service, and Crown
Rental’s ability or the lack thereof to track a vehicle in case of an emergency, purely
depends on the reception and efficiency of said devices and service providers. If a
camera is installed to monitor driving behavior, renter agrees to this precautionary
surveillance, and agrees and understands that it is not an attempt by Crown Rental
to gather data on the whereabouts of the renter(s) during the rental period – except
where deemed necessary for claims processing, and/or law enforcement/criminal
investigations in which Crown Rental is obligated to provide such information – all of
which the renter agrees to in this rental agreement, and waives any privacy rights
pertaining to such data. If a customer does NOT agree to this condition, he/she/they/it has
the right to decline Crown Rental’s services.

18) Non-Payment and Unauthorized Use – Also known as theft
a) Renter(s) agree(s) that vehicle shall be returned at the designated return date and
time. Any use of the vehicle past such date and time may be deemed as unauthorized use.
Renter(s) agree(s) that if 2 hours pass beyond the designated return time and there is no
communication/response from the renter(s), the rented vehicle may be disabled and may
also be towed, repossessed, or reported stolen. If renter(s) continue(s) to communicate an
intent to pay and fails to do so after multiple chances, the rented vehicle may be disabled,
towed, repossessed, or reported stolen. The renter(s) agree to a repossession fee of $160
if vehicle is repossessed, a towing fee of $200 if vehicle is towed to a third-party location,
and a reactivation fee of $5 if vehicle is re-enabled after being disabled per the renter(s)
request. If the vehicle is repossessed and the key-fob is missing, the renter agrees to the
full cost of replacing and reprogramming the key-fob. Crown Rental chooses the vendor
of such products and services.

b) The vehicle rented under this contract belongs to CROWN RENTAL, its owners,
and/or partners, jointly doing business as CROWN RENTAL, and such business is
strictly for profit. In no way does CROWN RENTAL provide free or charity
transportation or use of its property without written consent. UNAUTHORIZED USE as
it pertains to this contract means the use of the rented vehicle beyond its designated
return time and may be considered theft of property, and the renter agrees to such. An
action of the rented vehicle being disabled, towed, or repossessed is CROWN RENTAL’s
right to seize and secure its property, and all persons, properties, or businesses
consequently put at a loss, however serious, is the cumulative result of renter(s)’
unauthorized use and breach of contract, and the renter(s)’ agree(s) to be fully

Crown rental will allot for each vehicle, three hundred miles (300) per day for
reservations with a duration of one to three days (1-3), One Thousand and Two Hundred
miles (1,200) for reservations between four to seven (4-7) days in length, One Thousand
and Eight Hundred miles (1,800) for reservations between eight to twenty (8-20) days in
length, and two thousand and Five hundred (2,500) miles for reservations between twenty
to thirty (20-30) days. If a customer initially rented for three days and decides to extend
another three days, they do not automatically get an additional 900 miles as the mileage
allowance follows the aforementioned guidelines. If mileage is exceeded renter agrees to
pay the minimum of 0.28c per miles over the allowed limit. Unless otherwise specified,
the renter will abide by this or request additional mileage at a price to be established at
the time of request. This additional cost will be seen on your receipt for clarification and
Supplement forms may be given to renter(s) via DocuSign or in person as to help
renter(s) clearly understand some pertinent terms that they may overlook in this contract.
By these forms, Crown Rental does not and is not in any way accepting the responsibility
to understand and interpret the terms herein for its renters, and that it is the renter(s) sole
responsibility to read, understand, accept and or reject this rental contract and its terms
and conditions. If any terms of this agreement is not agreeable to the renter(s), it cannot
be done after this contract has been signed. Driving away with the rental vehicle
constitutes an agreement to this entire contract with or without a signature. This is
to mitigate dishonest signature tactics, deliberate and incorrect dating, obscurities
or mismatches of any kind, and/or the misplacement of any signed document. As
long as the vehicle is in the renter’s possession, it becomes legally binding and cannot be
undone after the fact. If vehicle is returned for reasons other than mechanical issues on
Crown Rental’s part, the reservation fee will not be returned to the renter. This rental
agreement document is NOT a separate agreement from the supplemental forms, and
neither are the supplemental forms separate agreements from this original rental
document agreement. The supplemental forms do not negate the terms and stipulations
spelled out in this document.

21) Payment Processing
Crown Rental’s payment processing is carried out by a third party. The timeliness of said
processing is not a reflection of Crown Rental’s negligence or ill-performance. Security
deposit reimbursement may be delayed due to the cause of renter(s) bank, third party
processing, or several other internal issues not relating to Crown Rental. Typically, the
release/reimbursement of said security deposits may take two to three (2-3) business days
to fully process. Renter agrees to not hold Crown Nation LLC liable for any transaction
malfunctions, delays, or financial inconvenience/losses due to such mishaps as Crown
Nation LLC is not a merchant service provider.

In the event of a NON-COLLISION incident, such as a tire blow out, tire pops
scratches, tears, windshield cracks, breaks, wheel rash, stains on seat, lost or damaged key fobs,
smoke smells, and or any other non-collision incidents/accidents that occurs while the vehicle is
in your possession, parked or moving, and whether or not it is covered by your insurance
provider, you AGREE to pay for these non-collision damages directly and/or from your security
deposit whichever is greater. If you use a traditional insurance provider, and if the damage is less
than your deductible, most insurance providers may be reluctant to cover the damage.
You agree to pay us directly for the damage and/or apply your security deposit towards the
damage which may reduce the turnaround time to rent the vehicle to a new customer while we
wait for the insurance provider to process the claim. You have the right to request reimbursement
from your insurance personally. If applicable, you may wait until after the claim is filed and
payout has been received before your deposit can be refunded. Should you report a non-collision
incident, you agree to fill out A STATEMENT OF FACTS SHEET which will be provided to
the insurance company.


24)Power of Attorney
Renter(s) irrevocably appoint(s) Crown Rental as its agent and attorney-in-fact with full
authority to take any action or execute any instrument or document to settle all
obligations due to Crown Rental from Renter(s), including without limitation (i) to obtain
and/or modify insurance, (ii) to collect monies due or to become due under or in respect
of the rental agreement, (iii) collect monies due or to become due under or in respect of
loss of revenue, diminution of property value, court and attorney fees, and administrative
work to settle any disputes and/or claims, (iv) to receive, deposit, complete, endorse, and
collect any checks, notes, drafts, instruments, documents or chattel paper in connection
with clauses (i), (ii), and (iii), (v) to sign renter(s)’ name on any invoice or document
relating to an insurance claim settlement, or assignment directing renter(s)’ insurance
providers to make payment directly to Crown Rental, (vi) change renter(s)’ mailing
address or method of communication to satisfy the fulfillment of any claim examination,
(vii) to revoke and nullify any confidentiality agreement, which prevents Crown Rental
from having such powers, and (viii) to assign Crown Rental as the only loss payee and/or
beneficiary of an insurance claim.

By agreeing to this contract, you agree to be of sound mind and understand the terms and
conditions set forth herein without ambiguity. Driving away with the rental vehicle and/or
signing this rental agreement signifies that THE RENTER(S) HAVE READ AND AGREED

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